Top Players Class of 2019

Top Players by Position – Class of 2019 (5A): 

2019 Point Guards: 

  1. Alyssa Jimenez – Horizon – Long crafty guard who can shoot the 3 and attack equally well.  Tops my lis of top PG in the Class of 2019 and a future Nevada Wolfpack recruit.
  2. Allyah Marlett – Grandview – plays both PG and off-guard but I rank her under the point.  The Air Force Commit is athletic as they come and will be a main feature for the Wolves this season.
  3. Ashley Steffeck -Fossil Ridge –  This Mines commit is a smooth and calm player I love to watch play.  Sometimes has to do too much for the Sabercats, I get to see her play many times up north and look forward to seeing her improvement from the summer.
  4. Steph Peterson – Broomfield – The lefty has an unconventional athleticism that is is highly effective and doesn’t receive as much hype as the others on the list.  Hopefully she finds some help this season to end her career on the positive side.
  5. Lexi Eberhardt – Loveland –  This last spot was a tough choice, but I am going with this under the radar, undersized, and under-valued ball of energy.  Watched her play many times and love her effort.

2019 Shooting Guard/Off Guard:

  1. Kaylah Lewis – Brighton – Not your typical school to lead this category but this girl can play.  Is as tough as they come with a basketball body to work inside and out.  Cant wait to see her play this season.
  2. Jamie Bain – Highlands Ranch –  This girl has game and can shoot it.  Looking for a great season from her although with as many weapons as Ranch has it doesn’t aways show in the the box score.
  3. Bailee Hart – Rampart –  I believe an injury has derailed her senior year, she still makes this list as a dead-eye shooter with a great shot.  Basketball smarts and great rotation help her make this list.
  4. Samiyah Worrell – Fountain Fort Carson –  This athletic shooting guard does it all for her team and should have a big season.  Playing at a school not often seen by our team I hope to catch a few more of her games this season.
  5. Eliana McClairie – Arapahoe – This girl is the epitome of a shooter as I rarely see her in the paint, but her smooth quick stroke and past production helps her make my list of top shooters for the 2019 class.

2019 Forwards (small/power): 

  1.  Autumn Watts – Highlands Ranch – This girl tops my list with an impressive all-around game.  Floaters, hooks, fade-aways are all apart of her game.  The New Mexico commit can do it all and is fun to watch.  If you get a chance, and haven’t seen her play, I suggest you make the time to see this big time player.
  2. Brionna McBride – Doherty – This big and athletic forward is not well know outside of Colorado Springs, but she will have to be the main scorer for a rebuilding Spartans club looking to continue their success in the 5A division.  Get out and watch this girl play.
  3. Francesca Belibi – Regis Jesuit –  The dunking phenom and Stanford Commit comes in at #3.  This girl has off the charts athleticism and has improved so much in her high school career.  Her shooting percentage and FT percentages keep her at number 3, but her upside is tops among this list and…SHE CAN DUNK!
  4. Alisha Davis – Grandview –  This undersized forward in my opinion has been the catalyst for the past two years of State Championships.  Her energy, effort and toughness cant be matched very easily by anyone in the state.  Excited to watch what she can do to make a three-peat happen.
  5. Kasey Neubert – Highlands Ranch – the vital book end to #1 Watts brings the toughness and energy each night.  That left handed style always seems to catch defenders flat footed.  Hawaii will be her landing spot and I look forward to seeing if she can get that elusive State Championship with a top heavy lineup of seniors at Highlands Ranch.

2019 Centers

  1. Sydney Speights – Chaparral – This lengthy lefty will be a Regis Ranger and her game has improved each year I have seen her.  Looking forward to watching her improvement this year and seeing how far she can lead her team in the tough Continental League.
  2. Madison Hema – Castleview – This girl has a ton of potential, after seeing that she made the New Zealand Youth National team I hope to get more chances to see her compete.  Her team seems like they will be relying on her scoring to stay competitive in the Continental league.
  3. Emerson Herrmann – Monarch –  This future Triton is as hardworking as they come.  She brings it each night even though her team has struggled the last few years from their previous team success.  Hoping she sees some team success to go along with her individual success this year.
  4. Arielle Wisne – Horizon –  This girl is the great unknown this season.  She is an Indiana Commit who is built around potential.  You cant teach size and she has it in spades, look forward to seeing her dominate this year before she heads off to be a Hoosier.
  5. N/A

Top Players Class of 2020

Top Players by Position – Class of 2020 (5A)

2020 Point Guards 

  1. Jana Van Gytenbeek – Cherry Creek –  This was an easy choice as there are not many as good as this Stanford commit,.  She is a pass happy scoring PG who brings the energy each time I was able to see her play.  Watching her this summer lead her club team solidified this spot for me as she truly has another gear and looks like a great teammate.
  2. Tomia Johnson – Grandview –  This speedy point guard can really go and will have a chance to run the show for Grandview this year as they attempt to win 3 State Championships in a row.  A few D1 offers should blossom as she becomes a key factor for the Wolves in her junior season.
  3. Tosjanae Bonds – Far Northeast Warriors – This speedy and athletic PG was an interesting choice here as her competition isn’t always the stiffest but she can score and I think she needs a chance to see if she will make this list next season.
  4. Jada Moore _ Regis Jesuit – this effective PG had a very good season last year with great talent around her.  The Raiders don’t seem very deep this year thus I look forward to seeing her take that next step in leading her team and improving her shooting ability.  She has the speed and length coaches love, cant wait to see what she does this year.
  5. Nadia Trevizo – Lakewood –  The diminutive guard has game of a 6 footer.  I love to watch her play and she will have her hands full as she will have to do more of the heavy lifting with the loss of the twin towers and senior heavy lineup of last year.

2020 Shooting Guard

  1. Landri Hudson – Grandview –  This girl seems to get better each year.  I was able to catch a few games this summer and her AAU team and she is fun to watch as I see a lot of upside and a smooth jumper.  Should be a vital member of the Wolves team this year.
  2. Halle Hamilton Rock Canyon – Only saw her play once but dropping 54 3’s last year gives her this spot ion my list.  Will try and catch a few more games this year to see if she it was a fluke or if she can shoot the rock like I think she can.
  3. Emily Doolittle – Dakota Ridge –  I’ve watched her for a few years and she has a sweet stroke.  Shot selection will hopefully improve this year as she has potential to be a big weapon for an undersized Dakota Ridge squad who always play hard.
  4. Carly Dilworth – Denver South – This shooter dropped 60 last season which is good in any league.  Watched her play once and hope to see more improvement in her overall game to go along with the 3’s.
  5. Amy Holland – Mountain Vista –  43 buckets last year for a player with some potential to improve upon those numbers as her team rely upon her more this year with the loss of some key seniors.

2020 Small/Power Forward

  1. Mallory Magana –  Dakota Ridge – the feisty forward brings the energy each time she steps on the court.  Lots of potential to help be a leader for her team this year.  Exciting to see how she progresses.
  2. Quincey Baum – Columbine – One of those girls you need to see a few times to appreciate her effort.  Should be a leader this year with the loss of their big to injury.  Chance to step up and improve her position next year.
  3. Cindy Garcia – Bear Creek – This unknown small forward brings some game.  If you haven’t seen her play please take the time.  She is tough and effective and has been through the years as I have seen her play club with the a team out of Denver over the years.
  4. Sophia Hadad –  Fossil Ridge – An Important part to the Sabercats chances to return to the Coliseum this season.  Has good size and tools to become a very good player this season.
  5. Carly Thompson – Cherry Creek – This long and lanky SF has the tools to be a good player.  6’0″ with some speed gives her potential to be a very good player.  It will be interesting to watch and see if she has improved this off-season and how she contributes to a team that lost some good seniors.

2020 Centers (Not a lot of true centers in this class)

  1. Lindsey Anhalt – Thunderridge – a tweener with some potential.  Time to earn a spot next year on this list.
  2. Lillian Thomas Douglas County– Made some strides as an unknown down in Douglas County.  Needs to take that next step in her improvement to make this list next year.

Top Players Class of 2021 

Top Players by Position Class of 2021

2021 Point Guards (an abundance of talent in this class at the PG position)

  1. Sydney Bevington – Ralston Valley – This long PG had a breakout season taking the reins and running the show for Ralston Valley.  Had a big summer on the AAU circuit and gather some college offers.  This season will tell a lot as a large graduating senior class last year will require her to carry the load.
  2. Payton Muma – Highlands Ranch – This girl received some valuable playing time as a freshman and will be relied upon to run the show this season.  She is a strong competitor who is a pass first PG.  Fun to watch her and her CBC team this past summer in PHX.  Fun to watch her expand her role this year with a senior heavy team.
  3. Kindyll Wetta – Valor Christian – A highly skilled point guard that appears to do it all.  Have seen her play in prior year AAU competition but not last year due to her injury.  Hope to see her back stronger than before because she is fun to watch on both ends of the floor.
  4. Avery Van Sickle – Regis Jesuit – A extremely confident and skilled guard who played on a great team last season.  Played a big role in their success last year and looks to be an important part of a squad that does not look deep with talent this year but seems to share PG duties with 2020 guard Moore.  Fun to see her development with the dunk machine Belibi and her last year before she heads to Stanford.
  5. Kacee Kyle – Cherry Creek –  This PG has a confidence of a more seasoned player and has a chance to learn from one the top PG in the state in Van Gytenbeek.   Love her toughness and hope to see her improve her overall game this coming season as I assume she will play a bigger role due to graduation.

2021 Shooting Guards/Off Guards

  1. Juanita Aragon – Greeley West – had a stellar freshman season for a depleted Greeley West Squad.  Competition is lacking but a solid season none the less.  Look forward to seeing if I can catch her against some top 5A competition.
  2. Abby Wrede – Cherry Creek –  This smooth stroking lefty is one of the best shooters I have seen for her class.  Plays on a top team in a top conference that should be fun to watch this season. Should have a chance to be a big contributor with the loss of key seniors last year.
  3. Jenna Seibert – Valor Christian – This smooth stroking shooter has a beautiful release and plenty of confidence.  Exciting to see her and her team jump into 5A competition.
  4. Berit Brookfield – Mountain Vista –  I just like this girl’s effort and toughness, not sure if she is a soccer player but she reminds me of a tough one.  Look forward to seeing her season and if she has improved over the summer.
  5. Jordyn Gutierrez – Pine Creek – A solid freshman season for a team that lost a lot of talent.  Only saw her play once but looks like a player.  Hope to see Pine Creek return to past glory and provide more chances to see her play.

2021 Small/Power Forwards

  1. Addison O’Grady – Grandview – This 6’3″ girl has all the potential to be a dominant force in her Sophomore campaign. Will have more time to shine now that Vigil has graduated.  Running with the Premiere EYBL during the summer will also show in her improvement I am sure.
  2. Courtney Wristen – Broomfield – Already a player with some college offers her size makes most basketball coaches drool.  She is athletic for her size and looks to continue her success as a sophomore.  I will look for her to improve her mid range jump shot asa way to improve her production this season.
  3. Samantha Jones – Regis Jesuit – This quick jumping lefty will play a big role this year as Regis lost some size and depth of their talented team from last year.  I love watching this kid run the floor, she has great hands and with her left handed attack catches many kids off guard with her attack moves.
  4. Brook Bohlender – Poudre – This girl has some size and plays fast, will be a go to player for the Impalas.  Fun to see if her games will take that next step for a team looking to regain some success in the Nothern League.

2021 Top Centers

  1.  I have not seen any true centers to rank but will fill this in as we uncover them from this class.